Pre-Bedtime Nutrition for Optimal Gains

22 Jun 2022 no comments Macro Meals Categories health

The statement “Don’t eat before going to bed. It will make you fat!” couldn’t be further from the truth. It completely ignores the principles of meal composition, meal timing, and daily caloric intake.

We briefly discuss how pre-bedtime meals, specifically those high in protein, can aid in maximizing your progress in the gym. See below 3 facts:

In Summary:

  • Protein timing and distribution is important to optimize levels of muscle protein synthesis.
  • Protein is effectively digested and absorbed during sleep.
  • Consuming food before bed will not make you fat! It can actually help with satiety, recovery, and performance.
  • The composition of your meal is important, carbohydrate with protein may have beneficial effects although not conclusive.
  • Go knock back some protein shakes before bed and make optimal gains!

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