Low Key Tips for Balancing Fitness & Friends

21 Jul 2022 no comments Macro Meals Categories health

We share some strategies learned that can help alleviate stress, allow for plenty quality time with the people you care about, and still allow you to make great progress in your fitness journey. Odds are at least some of your friends don’t track their food and train consistently like you do. As a result, how they approach social events and time management likely differs from you as well, creating some subtle challenges in striking a balance between spending quality time with close friends, and still progressing in your physique and performance goals.

The point is, if we worry about every little detail that might have a benefit to our physique progress, we risk driving ourselves and those around us absolutely bonkers. Each person’s idea of what factors are absolutely, and not necessarily, important will differ based on budget, time and preferences for social time and non-fitness pursuits. Regardless, it’s important for each to really think about (and use scientific literature to determine) what are the “big basics” that are necessary each week for progress, and which are tentative and can be adjusted as needed to better balance other things.

Hitting your macros and getting in your workouts being non-negotiables is pretty reasonable, and weeks should be scheduled accordingly. However, canceling plans or refusing a restaurant when knee-deep in your offseason may require some re-thinking.

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