Are Whole Eggs Better than Egg Whites for Muscle Growth?

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Throughout the rest of this article, we will breakdown this new article that is claiming whole eggs are better than egg whites for muscle growth.

Don’t throw away your egg white cartons just yet?

Now that you got some great info on whole eggs vs egg whites, keep in mind the hierarchy of importance for daily dietary protein intake is what matters most. Then go and enjoy that beautiful sizzling sound of when you have the frying pan on medium-high and you pour your eggs onto the pan and get your PROTEIN IN!




Low Key Tips for Balancing Fitness & Friends

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We share some strategies learned that can help alleviate stress, allow for plenty quality time with the people you care about, and still allow you to make great progress in your fitness journey. Odds are at least some of your friends don’t track their food and train consistently like you do. As a result, how they approach social events and time management likely differs from you as well, creating some subtle challenges in striking a balance between spending quality time with close friends, and still progressing in your physique and performance goals.

The point is, if we worry about every little detail that might have a benefit to our physique progress, we risk driving ourselves and those around us absolutely bonkers. Each person’s idea of what factors are absolutely, and not necessarily, important will differ based on budget, time and preferences for social time and non-fitness pursuits. Regardless, it’s important for each to really think about (and use scientific literature to determine) what are the “big basics” that are necessary each week for progress, and which are tentative and can be adjusted as needed to better balance other things.

Hitting your macros and getting in your workouts being non-negotiables is pretty reasonable, and weeks should be scheduled accordingly. However, canceling plans or refusing a restaurant when knee-deep in your offseason may require some re-thinking.


Does Alcohol Impede Fat Loss?

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For many of us, the ability to go out with and socialise makes up a large part of our overall happiness, and often alcohol is one way we like to celebrate with our family and friends.

But when it comes to weight loss and alcohol, we are frequently asked if it is still possible to lose weight.

If you choose to include alcohol while trying to lose body fat, it is important not to sacrifice your protein requirements or exceed your daily caloric intakes that will keep you in a deficit. I personally feel that the inclusion of alcohol in moderation, is appropriate for building a lean muscular physique if the above considerations can be adhered to.


The Benefits of Exercise

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Being physically active can improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your ability to do everyday activities. Adults who sit less and do any amount of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity gain some health benefits.

Anyone who currently or previously has exercised regularly knows exercise makes you feel great. We share some of the benefits:

If there is a will, there is a way. Become the fit you that you and the people around you deserve!

7 Easy Ways to Cut Calories

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How about a few simple, go-to tips to help out those less-informed folks in your social or professional circles, that explain precisely and concisely what they can do to easily cut calories and speed up weight loss in a scientifically-approved way? If you’ve hit a plateau in your fat loss and calories are already low, then these tips will come in handy to get that deficit going again and kickstart progress without you having to resort to extreme measures.

If you need to cut calories to get around a fat loss plateau, something’s gotta give. But that doesn’t mean the principles of flexible dieting go out the window.

All 7 points here do require a degree of strictness, but they don’t mean you have to start avoiding any particular types of food, start following a food plan, or that tracking macros doesn’t work.

It’s just that sometimes, we all need to suck it up somewhat, give up a few precious macros, and find ways to cut calories without sacrificing the enjoyment of a diet, or turning it into a complete and utter bro-fest.


Pre-Bedtime Nutrition for Optimal Gains

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The statement “Don’t eat before going to bed. It will make you fat!” couldn’t be further from the truth. It completely ignores the principles of meal composition, meal timing, and daily caloric intake.

We briefly discuss how pre-bedtime meals, specifically those high in protein, can aid in maximizing your progress in the gym. See below 3 facts:

In Summary:

  • Protein timing and distribution is important to optimize levels of muscle protein synthesis.
  • Protein is effectively digested and absorbed during sleep.
  • Consuming food before bed will not make you fat! It can actually help with satiety, recovery, and performance.
  • The composition of your meal is important, carbohydrate with protein may have beneficial effects although not conclusive.
  • Go knock back some protein shakes before bed and make optimal gains!

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7 Benefits of Prepared Meals

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If your weeks start out with good intentions and good, healthy meals but quickly devolve into fast food, convenience store food or greasy takeout food, then you could likely benefit from the meal-prepping movement

1. You’ll save time

Instead of wasting time trying to figure out what to cook, or whether you should order takeout, meal prepping assures that you always have a little meal waiting patiently for you on your lunch break or when you arrive home. And, don’t forget the most important factor: Meal prepping means fewer dishes.

2. You’ll have more dough in your pocket

Eating healthy tends to get a bad reputation for being overly expensive. But meal prepping saves money because you can buy ingredients in bulk, freeze extra food for later, and most importantly, spend less money eating out.

You can better manage your portion sizes

It’s simple really. Restaurants tend to give us more than the suggested portion size. So many people are overeating each day and consuming more calories than necessary to maintain a healthy diet. When you prepare your own food, you’re able to control your portions, and you know exactly what ingredients you’re putting in your body. Because of this, meal prepping has become the new go-to habit for reaching your weight goals.

ou might lower your stress levels

Figuring out what to make for dinner may seem harmless, but for some people, struggling with this every day can be stressful and overwhelming. When you meal prep for the week, you don’t have to engage in that battle every day.

5. You’ll gain a new handy skill

If you want to be more confident in the kitchen, meal prepping can be a great teacher. Meal prepping might help you find your way around the kitchen and open up a world of new recipes—from making roasted chicken and veggies to taco chili in a pressure cooker.

6. You’ll create a better relationship with food

When you meal prep, you learn more about nutrition and how to treat food for what it is: energy and nutrients. You learn to eat only when you’re hungry instead of making unwise decisions in a rush.

7. You’ll inspire others

Let’s face it, when you see someone doing something inspiring, it can spark some action in you as well. When other people see you leading a healthy lifestyle, it might inspire them to make healthy changes too, even if they’re small.

Meal prepping might take some getting used to, but it’s a step in the right direction toward being a healthier you. And you might find that it will become a favorite new habit. Want to try it out? Here’s a tool to help you get started.

You have likely heard the adage that “failing to plan is planning to fail.” When you plan your meals ahead of time, organize your ingredients, and stock your refrigerator and freezer with healthy, balanced and varied meals, on the other hand, you are planning to succeed.

Contact us for your prepared meals today as follows:

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Do Detox Diets Really Work?

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There is an interesting dynamic between the science of nutrition and the fitness industry. Any good scientist will tell you that the answers we find from scientific studies are hard to generalize. That is, the results and answers we get may not always apply to other people, settings, or treatments. But, when it comes to the fitness industry, that generalization is ignored. Companies are quick to take the results of a study and use them to market a product or service they offer. You can see this take place with supplements, exercise classes, and perhaps most notably with trendy diets.

We share some more info below:


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The truth is that pretty much any diet will work if it is applied correctly. Whether you eat carbs, meat, dairy, gluten, etc. doesn’t really matter much (unless you have an allergy). What really matters most is whether you can sustain a caloric deficit and adhere to the dieting strategies you choose. With that being said, there are many mistakes that will make it much harder for you to lose weight. In fact, some dieting strategies might actually lead to the reverse effect compared to what you had intended. As such, it is important for you to educate yourself on which dieting mistakes are the most harmful to your success.

We all know that losing fat means you’re going to have to pull back on your caloric intake. This often means restricting yourself at times or even increasing your activity levels in order to reach your goals. However, the strategies you choose to employ in your diet can make or break your success. Overly aggressive or restrictive diets often result in poor adherence and outcomes. Similarly, being too reactive to your results or failing to plan ahead can unravel all of your progress. As such, it is important to avoid the common mistakes that are mentioned in this article. Dieting is going to be an unpleasant experience at times, but by dieting smarter, you can make your life much easier and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Will veganism kill your gains?

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