7 Easy Ways to Cut Calories

29 Jun 2022 no comments Macro Meals Categories health

How about a few simple, go-to tips to help out those less-informed folks in your social or professional circles, that explain precisely and concisely what they can do to easily cut calories and speed up weight loss in a scientifically-approved way? If you’ve hit a plateau in your fat loss and calories are already low, then these tips will come in handy to get that deficit going again and kickstart progress without you having to resort to extreme measures.

If you need to cut calories to get around a fat loss plateau, something’s gotta give. But that doesn’t mean the principles of flexible dieting go out the window.

All 7 points here do require a degree of strictness, but they don’t mean you have to start avoiding any particular types of food, start following a food plan, or that tracking macros doesn’t work.

It’s just that sometimes, we all need to suck it up somewhat, give up a few precious macros, and find ways to cut calories without sacrificing the enjoyment of a diet, or turning it into a complete and utter bro-fest.

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